Charity shops

charity-shop-open-for-business.JPGThe Brandon charity shop family is growing with our flagship store on Cotham Hill, a second shop on Gloucester Road, and most recently, the third on Whiteladies Road.

Selling everything from designer items, current trends, and beautiful vintage pieces to gorgeous, handcrafted goods from the various Brandon enterprises, there's something for everyone.

We're in constant need of donations from clothes, shoes, and homeware to books and music. Every donation counts no matter how small, and we work hard to ensure nothing is wasted.

Alternatively, you could volunteer some spare time to help make our shops great.

For more information, please contact Lou on 0117 974 1656 or email

Our shops are located at:

  • 2 Cotham Hill, Bristol
  • 127 Gloucester Road, Bristol
  • 144 Whiteladies Road, Bristol