Buddy scheme

Children’s Playlink, commissioned by South Gloucestershire Council’s Department for Children, Adults and Health, has administered the buddy scheme for the last decade.

Funding is available to support children and young people to attend mainstream play or leisure activities in their local community, with the aim of providing new experiences, promoting friendships, encouraging independence and a sense of achievement, and improving self-confidence. 

The funding will pay for a buddy to support the child or young person. Training and support for the leaders of the group, whether paid employees or volunteers, is also available from the inclusive play advisor.

If you are a parent, carer, or group leader, and would like further information, please contact the office on 01454 338900 or email Ash at ash.lloyd@brandontrust.org

Feedback from parents

"The buddy reminds him how to behave and deflects problems."

"The buddy scheme has allowed our child to feel included… feel secure in the fact that they can have 10 minutes out with their buddy if necessary."

"Without this funding my child would have been excluded many times. He loves attending the club and it has improved his social skills." 

Comments from clubs

"I did not know the scheme existed but it has worked very well and the child is now continuing within the group with no buddy support as he has integrated well and picked up the skills to take part without a buddy."

"Thanks to the training, the staff are aware of the child’s needs which is very important."

Further information

If you'd like further information on any of our services for your disabled child, please contact Ash on 01454 338900 or email ash.lloyd@brandontrust.org

Buddies needed!

We currently have children who need a buddy.

If you're interested in becoming a buddy or have previously been a buddy, or require more information, please contact Nicola on 01454 338902 or email: nicola.saunders@brandontrust.org