What's next?

This project is aimed at 18-25 year olds to aid them in independent living, including peer-to-peer socialisation and relationships, by providing workshops, activities and trips typically enjoyed by other people in that age range.

Our aim is to empower young people, provide them with a sense of achievement, and improve their self-confidence by providing positive social interactions. Activities include such things as developing day-to-day living skills, for example, cooking healthy meals, travelling by public transport, and helping the young people to make informed choices, for example, ordering meals at a local restaurant. Our most popular activities are bowling and cinema visits. 

All the activities and trips are supervised appropriately by our staff. At the same time, the young adults are encouraged to help plan the next activity or workshop by sharing ideas and through group discussion.

Activities are held during school holidays in parallel to our playschemes and kept within the Bristol area. We try to keep to the times of 10am-3pm, but occasionally activities can overrun.



For more information please contact Izzy on 01454 338902 or email isolda.hicks@brandontrust.org.